About Us

What do we do?

The Contentment Foundation offers child and adult-centered wellbeing curricula to schools internationally. Our team is here for you throughout the entire process, helping ensure that everyone in your school fully benefits from the practices. We also help schools track, measure, and improve their physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing using science-based measurement tools.

Our foundational learning platform, The Four Pillars of Wellbeing, is available as a whole-school transformation for teachers and students everywhere. We partner with researchers at some of the top universities in the world to study the impact of our work. We also publish original research and popular articles on the cross-cultural wellbeing philosophies that unite humanity.

Why are we here?

The Contentment Foundation believes in a world where happiness is cultivated from the inside-out. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to simply draw their attention inside and discover for themselves the unconditional wellness that has been there all along.

In the end, we’re simply translators who take the best of our human philosophical legacy and interpret it for the modern mind. We make the most basic practices accessible to everyone.

We are an impact-driven organization that thrives on creating meaningful change in the world. This is why we focus more heavily on children and their teachers – they are truly the future of our world.

Our Team

The Contentment Foundation is supercharged by a team of international experts spanning across dozens of disciplines. Educators, psychologists, philosophers, artists, programmers, scientists, and advocates have become inspired around a single mission – to bring indestructible wellbeing practices into every school around the world.

We have come together to invite you into the radical perspective that true happiness – contentment – already exists within you. We are proud to work with a globally diverse team to turn our vision into a reality. It is by understanding our diverse needs and perspectives and finding the unifying principles behind them that makes humanity truly great.

... Growth Advisory Board ...

The Growth Advisory Board is fully dedicated to ensuring that we have the resources, personnel, and intellectual horsepower required to bring indestructible wellbeing to one billion people within one generation.

... Internal Development ...

Our internal development team is the backbone of our organization, making sure that our day-to-day operations are running smoothly so that we can maximize our service to the world.

... Emeritus Team ...

Many of our former team members have moved on to do great things in the world. The Contentment Foundation serves as an incubator for future leaders, and the contributions of past team members are recognized here.

... Partners & Sponsors ...