Our Team

Somesh Bhardwaj

Data Analyst

Somesh oversees data from many different projects spanning from technology, outreach, implementation, marketing, and finances. Somesh has an eye for detail and strongly believes in data-driven decisions. He is the direct point of reference for analyzing and providing reports on various KPIs to the Contentment Foundation’s core team members and other key stakeholders.

Somesh has earned his Bachelors in Technology in 2012, since then; he has worked as a Web Developer and Technical Support Executive at Sony Experia, Product Manager at eBay based e-commerce firm, and as a Senior Assistant in the Indian Government Energy Department. He has extensive experience working with the extremely complicated network of big data for the Indian Government across the entire state of Rajasthan. As Senior Assistant in the Indian Government, Somesh has to lead a cross-functional team of 250+ to identify, organize and process data for driving key decisions in the growth and expansion of energy by the Indian Government across the entire state.

As a human being, Somesh is a very kind, compassionate, and humble person who has an open heart. When he is not working, you can find him helping others in every capacity. He believes the true worth of living is by living for others.