Our Team

Ryan Miller

Internal Culture

Ryan Miller is a self-taught, passionate learner fueled by curiosity toward the inner world of the human mind. He has worked his way up in the corporate world as an associate with LA Fitness International, where he developed a passion for bringing people together around health and wellbeing. After rising up the company ladder, he felt inspired to walk a nontraditional path to be of service to the world. He left his corporate role and began traveling the U.S, climbing some of the highest summits in the Rocky Mountains wearing only sandals.

After witnessing some of the most breathtaking places in North America and having the opportunity to work at a childhood development center in L.A., he fell in love with positive psychology and early education. After this paradigm shift Ryan began to see life through a new lense and felt inspired to build community while supporting the wellbeing of children globally. On the same day that Ryan made the vow to live beyond himself and support the wellbeing of children globally, he met the CEO of the Contentment Foundation and moved to Bali within the same week. Ryan now supports the foundation by maintaining a thriving, inspiring, and wellbeing-driven community.