Our Team

Ronald Elson, M.D.

Curriculum Advisor

Ron is a psychiatrist committed to integrating mindfulness, meditation, and non-dual wisdom into deep psychotherapy. He is a staff [and former Chief] psychiatrist at UC Berkeley University Health Services as well as maintaining a private practice. In addition to his interest in college mental health, he has special interests in meditation/mindfulness; health care policy; sculpture and art. He consults on health policy and planning. He is on the Editorial Board of the Berkeley Wellness Letter, a leading online and print resource for evidence-based wellness information; and on the Board of Bay Psychiatric Associates, the largest psychiatry group in the East Bay. For many years he was on the UC Berkeley faculty and the Director of a graduate Doctor of Mental Health Program. He has lectured and organized training in many areas of psychiatry and mental health. He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and in Preventive Medicine, completing residencies at UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and the US Public Health Service. He has particular interests in teaching and supervision, coordination of care, and integrating mindfulness and wellness practices into psychiatric practice.