Our Team

Robin Graat

Chief of Event Production Officer

A firm believer that humanity is on the threshold of a new age, Robin has been on a mission to be in service and help give shape to the emerging new paradigm since a young age. He taught himself how to meditate in his early teens, from a book he found in the library.

Exploring several spiritual traditions, while studying Tibetan Buddhism with Rigpa in Amsterdam, he integrated mindfulness into his daily life through shamatha meditation, to the point of letting go of formal practice. Foregoing aspirations to become a monk, he pursued a career in arts and music.

After having studied at the Gerrit Rietveld academy of fine arts in Amsterdam, he became involved with the alternative underground counter culture, steeped in art, music and applied spirituality. He then went on to establish a music recording studio deep in the forests of Lithuania, and focussed on electronic music production while traveling the world for a decade, playing music and being involved in many festivals across the world, as a way to spread a message of positivity and transformation.

After moving to Bali, he became a volunteer at the Newearth Project, and was one of the core team members that built Akasha at Newearth Haven in Ubud. After its completion, he stayed on to manage the venue and coordinate events, curating the overall vision and mission. Creating a platform for the promulgation of art, beauty and consciousness while stewarding a burgeoning community around conscious celebration and dance, promoting positive mindset and wellbeing as opposed to the escapism and self-destructive tendencies of mainstream party culture.

Joining the Contentment Foundation, his focus is on creating community focussed events and intentful gatherings to promote and support the internal culture, as well transformational journeys, retreats and conscious celebration festivals rooted in the 4 pillars, to showcase and give more exposure to the mission at large.