Our Team

Nidhi Samani

People Operations

Nidhi has an intrinsic attentiveness in human behaviour which fuels her passion for connecting with people from different cultures. Her keen interest in how human psychology works took her on a journey of discovery with self hypnosis, allowing her to find a better work/life balance and a healthier appreciation for time management to benefit her mental health.

With a passion for learning and creativity, Nidhi supported a startup for handcrafted items which developed her skills in data management, effective working relationships and task management as well as broadening her experience of accountancy and social media development. Her most current work experience comes from supporting an IT organisation focusing on all aspects of payroll, billing and an opportunity to support the process of transition from manual to software.

With a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and Guidance & Counselling psychology, Nidhi's people skills and desire to support organisations with onboarding procedures are one of her greatest assets.