Our Team

Mitchell Alexander Knox

Middle School Educator

Mitchell Alexander Knox (Mak) is trained as a middle school Humanities teacher, and has been exploring and expanding within and without his classroom for over eight years. Before graduating from UC Berkeley, he studied abroad in Rome, where he was first exposed to the value and inspiration of cultures other than his own. He has since traveled the world seeking to expand his perspective and harness the compassion that lies within. This curiosity has also led to a continued study of thinkers and thought, as well as perceptions of reality and life.

After completing his 200 hour yoga certification, he immersed himself in wellbeing and mindfulness strategies for himself and for his students to inspire the next generation to believe in themselves and life's potential. He stays balanced by spending quality time with his wife and puppy, and planning day trips in and around his childhood home of Sacramento, California. As a lifelong learner, his interest in education and wellbeing is prominent and his belief in the curriculum, community, and potential of the Contentment Foundation has him filled with gratitude and excitement to be a part of the unfoldment.