Our Team

Kristina Blundon, M.S.W.

Implementation Fidelity

With a deep passion for empowering individuals and elevating communities, Kristina is committed to leading meaningful change and impact at a global scale. Kristina has over a decade of experience developing programs, engaging communities, working with educational leaders, and supporting nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on social and community development. Kristina was nominated by her community and selected for The Leading Women Building Communities Recognition Program, awarded by the Government of Ontario, for her community development work in Canada. With a background in social work and education, she has witnessed the inequities at a global level and has made it her mission to serve in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all communities.

As an Implementation Specialist with The Contentment Foundation, Kristina is committed to bringing tools for indestructible wellness and emotional intelligence into the hands of every child and adult in this world. In this work, Kristina believes she has found her vocation, her mission, and her “raison d’être” (her purpose). Through this mission, Kristina is able to leverage individual and community strengths to ensure authentic and sustainable change for the world.