Our Team

Kelli Love, M.A.

Mindfulness & Yoga Educator, Mindful Schools
MindKind Institute, Little Flower Yoga and Public Prep

Kelli Love, M.Ed is a leading educator and consultant in the mindfulness in education field. She has enjoyed 20 years as an educator in the roles of teacher, teacher leader, mentor, curriculum developer and trainer. She became a meditation practitioner when she was 17. Kelli is committed to empowering educators to bring mindfulness into their own lives and into their classrooms for the benefit of all students and future generations.

Kelli currently is a trainer, mentor and facilitator for Little Flower Yoga, Mindful Schools and MindKind Institute. She teaches at Girls Prep Bronx Elementary, where mindfulness and yoga are embraced as a school wide content area. In 2015 Kelli created a short film, Aliza and the Mind Jar, to demonstrate the impact of yoga and mindfulness curriculum on school communities.

Kelli believes all school communities have a right to experience the empowering life skills that mindfulness offers. She helped design and pilot test many of the original lessons now being used in the Four Pillars of Wellbeing Curriculum, and she continues to advise the Contentment Foundation in all matters related to school applications. Kelli has a Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix and a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Naropa University.

As our former Four Pillars Author, Curriculum Advisor, and Rollout Representative, Kelli has completed several milestone projects:

  • Core Curriculum Developer for Four Pillars
  • Curriculum Developer and Editor for Families Platform
  • Covid 19 Care Package For Families