Our Team

Dipesh Bhardwaj

The Polymath
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Data Privacy and Security

Dipesh believes that there is no greater gift in this world than being able to use his talents to serve others and greater humanity. He is the Contentment Foundation’s Chief Technology Officer and is single-handedly responsible for building, architecting and designing from scratch every aspect of the Foundation’s platforms and website.

Dipesh created his first game in C language when he was 8 years old, and since then he has been leveling up his skills, while simultaneously, finding unique ways to use his technical knowledge to propel humanity forward. Dipesh can speak 3 human languages, 20 programming languages, and has experience with thousands of programming libraries and frameworks. He is the creator of the Open SUSE based Linux operating system, in which he wrote multiple device drivers and kernel programs. He has been awarded several accolades, including a notable design award by Codeacademy and is also a certified hacker and pentester. Dipesh likes to dive headfirst into challenges. He has a deep passion for writing algorithms. He has written several complex audio/video analysis algorithms for media licensing industry and artificial intelligent algorithms for self-driving cars.

Dipesh was awarded Thiel Fellowship from the Thiel Foundation for his startup in self-driving cars. He first presented the paper on Docker, Open Container Initiative, which was later put into practice by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Cisco, Intel, Red Hat, Microsoft, and others. Dipesh is a strong advocate of open-source, one of his contributions is in MIT License, which is being used to license millions of lines of open-source code across the planet to this day.

When Dipesh is not crunching codes or providing technical support to schools worldwide, you can find him traversing across the many depths of our planet, deepening his own mindfulness practice, supporting other people’s meditation journey or tending to the many loves of his life, including his three beloved cats.