Our Team

Christian Kjeldsen

Information Systems Analyst

Christian is an information systems and operations analyst. He helps organizations adopt and leverage technology tools at a strategic and operational level with a goal towards increasing employee productivity and impact so that they can achieve more with less time.

He is known for his open, positive and determined mindset which stems from his innate enthusiasm for life and serving his community. As such, he’s had an enriching set of work experiences across various sectors — technology, sales, marketing, and most recently, the wellbeing space. The common thread across all of his pursuits is that he strives to have clear purpose, meaningful learning and value creation — virtues that he’s grateful to have cultivated more deeply from having served through the Contentment Foundation.

Ultimately, he wants to continue to make an impact on humanity by creating a conducive environment where people can stretch the edge of their potential.

During his time with the Foundation, he helped scale the organization’s technology and operations. He’s most proud of the following accomplishments:

  • Lead the creation, building, and maintenance of CRM leveraging Salesforce
  • Worked closely with key leaders, including CEO and co-founder, to grow and deepen external partner relations
  • Leveraged the power of various tech stacks to support the Global Team
  • Consolidated and managed SSO and cyber security through Okta
  • Provided global IT support and troubleshooting, in partnership with the tech team