Our Team

Andrea Ings

Contentment Coordinator

Andrea had a privileged childhood and believes the deep rooted values and beliefs she was taught as a child have stood her in good stead for her life as an adult. Growing up surrounded by happiness and love has shaped her as a person and she is passionate about passing on these important traits to her two young sons.

Andrea’s early career was in Human Resources which allowed her the opportunity to work very closely with people from all walks of life, across all disciplines and enabled her to have a brief insight into what makes us work (and not work) as human beings. She is fascinated by human behaviour and how we respond to different situations and this passion was developed further when she spent seven years working as an Executive Assistant and Events Manager at a local Wellbeing Organisation.

Every cloud has a silver lining and due to Andrea’s own personal experiences, she has recently emerged from the most challenging period of her life and understands more so the value of inner peace and happiness. These key life skills are something Andrea wishes to share with her own children and she is eager to support the Contentment Foundation in continuing to grow and spread fundamental, core values across the world which every child should have the chance to experience.