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Indestructible wellbeing training for your entire school.

You're already whole and complete as you are - but sometimes, a reminder can be really helpful. The Four Pillars of Wellbeing whole-school program offers scientifically-evidenced practices rooted in ancient philosophy for cultivating sustainable wellbeing in life. Our online platform is comprised of five major offerings:

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Amidst the greatest technological revolution of humankind, there is tremendous opportunity to reimagine the way we prepare and influence the young leaders of tomorrow. One thing I know for sure -- partnering with the Contentment Foundation and their incredible team to develop their first-ever curriculum for early childhood is a major step towards shaping the amazing minds of the future.

Fabrizio Spinelli

Co-Founder and CMO, Amazing Explorers Academy

The Four Pillars of Wellbeing is a huge toolbox that we can reach into and that’s how the students talk about it as well. They can pull out gratitude, empathy or altruism, if and when they need it to help them deal with the relationships they have with their peers, teachers, siblings and parents at home. I learned about mindfulness and the Four Pillars nine months ago and it’s helped me to be a better husband, a better friend, certainly a better teacher, and a better dad.

Mike Johnson

Associate Headmaster

Four Pillars Training Online

Bring indestructible wellbeing practices to every adult in your school. Access rich videos, audios, whiteboard animations, and workbooks that cater to multiple styles of learning. Give your entire staff access to the practices that reliably lead to a state of sustained wellbeing. Each of the four Pillars - Mindfulness, Community, Self-Curiosity, and Contentment - are taught by experts in the fields of positive psychology, education, and philosophy. The immersive training experience includes a diverse array of engaging content for different personalities and needs, and it offers practices that can easily and quickly become an important part of your life.

To learn the details about each pillar, download our Understanding by Design summary documentation here.

  • Mindfulness

  • Community

  • Self-Curiosity

  • Contentment & Balance

Four Pillars Classroom Curriculum

Offer the gift of wellbeing to every child in your school. Completing the online training unlocks the Four Pillars Curriculum - a rich, vibrant lesson plan for seven developmental age groups: Infant, 2-3 years, 4-5 years, K-2nd grade, 3-5th grade, 6-8th grades, and 9-12th grade. The entire series was written in collaboration with a team of domain expert educators, developmental psychologists, curriculum developers, neuroscientists, and philosophers from around the world. The lessons are upgraded and improved each year, so you're always using the most up-to-date materials with your students.

Download a sample lesson here.


Wellbeing Assessment & Analytics

Give your entire staff and leadership team the power to assess and monitor their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing at the schoolwide level. Positive change begins with awareness, and Insight is our solution for schools interested in tracking their wellness throughout the entire year. Our analytics tool is an excellent complement to any wellbeing intervention that your school rolls out, because you can easily monitor up to 48 critical aspects of wellbeing at the individual, group, and whole-school levels. The results are vibrant, interactive, and easy to navigate. Everyone’s data is averaged into fully anonymous, protected reports so that your school can more effectively navigate your bright spots and blind spots as a community.

Schoolwide Wellbeing Library

24/7 access to the most fundamental wellness information on earth. Our comprehensive Wellbeing Library spans the most important foundational concepts on physical, psychological, emotional, and community wellness approaches. We understand that life can feel like a rollercoaster sometimes, and we want you to have access to whatever information you might need to learn and grow through all of your experiences. Whether you uncover an Insight area that needs some work, or you're having a specific issue in life, the Wellbeing Library is your bridge to learning more about the world of personal health practices.

Download our Wellbeing Library overview and sample article here.


Rollout Support

Every school that commits to the Four Pillars receives support from our team of trained Rollout Representatives throughout the entire year. Whenever you bring about change, there are always questions, roadblocks, and new learning opportunities. We want you to know that our team is here to help you through all of it. Your school will be paired with a Rollout Representative – a personal support person from the Contentment Foundation who is an educator by trade and has been trained in supporting schools that roll out the Four Pillars. We want you to know that there’s always someone here for you on the other end, and that the learning keeps on rolling even after the training.